Pool Enclosure vs Permanents

Pool Enclosure vs Permanents
Retractable pool enclosure Laguna from the inside

This comparison delves into the comparative benefits of pool enclosures versus other permanent pool structures. From enhancing safety and initial investment to minimizing maintenance and installation time, the unique advantages of pool enclosures are examined in contrast to traditional pool constructions. 


  Twin Wall Polycarbonate Permanent Pool Structure
  Retractable Pool Enclosure Permanent Pool Structure
Pool Safety Fully lockable. Can be designed to be fully lockable.
Initial Investment Lower Higher
Property taxes Does not add to taxable value of home. Considered a non permanent structure. Increases property taxes which must be paid EVERY quarter.
HVAC requirements None. Only heating pool water as needed and the greenhouse effect are used. HVAC system must run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to control the humidity, temperature, mold and mildew. EXPENSIVE monthly utility bills.
Mold Resistance No materials used in the construction of the enclosures which provide an environment for mold to grow. Indoor swimming pools are the ideal environment for mold growth as they are intentionally humid and warm. Dampness and molding have both been linked to a wide array of health related issues, including headaches, asthma, skin irritations, allergic reactions, and other serious respiratory problems.
Installation Time Many installs completed in 1 day. Can be designed to come delivered fully built. Months. Must be entirely built onsite.
Maintenance Low. Wash enclosure with water as needed. High. Yearly maintenance required for HVAC system. Also will require similar maintenance as a home such as paint, roof, siding, windows, etc.
Ventilation Unlimited. Completely remove enclosure from pool if desired. Limited by the number of windows or doors. The chlorine used to disinfect swimming pools combines with nitrogen compounds to form the disinfection by product, chloramines. These compounds are a strong irritant on the skin, eyes, nose and throat.
Nice weather Slide enclosure completely off pool and the sky is the limit. Remain inside. No opportunity to enjoy weather.


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