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AquaShield: Quality and Engineering  

A pool enclosure is a significant investment. It is not only a monetary commitment, but a decision where safety, durability and quality factors must be researched as well. Not every pool enclosure on the market is the same. There are vast differences to be found in the structure, quality, materials used and price of each product. At times, you think you may be saving money, but you could very well be compromising quality and durability.

We want you to make an informed decision and understand the differences between the products on the market. We have had several customers contact us after purchasing an AquaShield pool enclosure. They had concerns about the quality of the products, the engineering and the construction.  We conducted a site visit and this is what we found.

Tube like tracks with sticking screws out of it

1. Tube like tracks that have screws sticking out that will send you to the emergency room if you step on them.

Badly manufactured spacers

2. Spacers that you have to have between the profiles to try and keep them stable.

Simple padlocks - Office depot like

3. Door has a simple like Home Depot pad lock.

Rubber flaps

4. Internal cable system eye hook, single rubber flap between segments that exposes you to the outside elements.

Complicated lock systems

5. Complicated and labor intensive action needed to lock and unlock the segments to move.

Wires hanging from Aquashield enclosures

6. Internal cable wires that are both unsightly and dangerous.

Doorsill is dangerous

7. Door has a sill that you need to step over.  Both dangerous and inconvenient for children, adults and is not handicap accessible.


For more information, please view our comparison page for Pool & Spa Enclosures vs. AquaShield pool enclosures. When choosing a pool enclosure, you need to pick  a manufacturer that will not only increase the value of your home, but provide countless hours of enjoyment year round.