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There are many uses for our retractable enclosures attached to a home other than a pool or spa – such as a patio enclosure. Our modern design provides year round use of enclosed outdoor space. Imagine a Patio Enclosure, Sunroom, Entertainment Room, Florida Room, Observatory, or a Greenhouse. Contact us to seize the day with patio enclosure !





Video 1 - About Company and Benefits

Learn about Pool & Spa Enclosures and take an exciting journey through the world of enclosures and learn why they're the perfect addition to your outdoor oasis.



See how easily a four-year-old can handle a pool enclosure Laguna The ultimate adventure under two Alukov enclosures in the Alps US Crash tests 2018
US Dome Iceland US HORECA 2018 UK HORECA Slideshow 2018
Who left daddy outside the enclosure? Patio Enclosures are like whipped cream on cakes New product - hot tub enclosure SPA CORSO
Pool enclosures – the easiest way to use your pool year round! Video References - the main features of pool enclosure nicely summed up Video Review of Patio Enclosure CORSO Premium - easy glide and locking system
One can open the pool enclosure just like that – it is no problem with an enclosure from Pool & Spa Enclosures LLC. Our pool enclosure Corona caught up by a drone - take a look how birds see it Relax by your pool with enclosure even in cold weather - thanks to greenhouse effect you will fell warm year round!
Bigger kids lock it - small won´t fall in - extra safe solution for your pool Pure demonstration of our walk-on tracks for pool enclosure - as well as example how to operate with our pool eclosure Corona Benefits of a Retractable Pool & Spa Enclosure - Part 1
Benefits of a Retractable Pool & Spa Enclosure - Part 2 Operating high line enclosure Ravena Roof top enclosure for a beer garden at a Croxley’s Ale House in Farmingdale, NY