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Video reviews - see our enclosures in action !


There are many uses for our retractable enclosures attached to a home other than a pool or spa – such as a patio enclosure. Our modern design provides year round use of enclosed outdoor space. Imagine a Patio Enclosure, Sunroom, Entertainment Room, Florida Room, Observatory, or a Greenhouse. Contact us to seize the day with patio enclosure !


    Who left daddy outside the enclosure ?
Patio Enclosures are like whipped cream on cakes New product - hot tub enclosure SPA CORSO Pool enclosures – the easiest way to use your pool year round!
Video References - the main features of pool enclosure nicely summed up Video Review of Patio Enclosure CORSO Premium - easy glide and locking system One can open the pool enclosure just like that – it is no problem with an enclosure from Pool & Spa Enclosures LLC.
Our pool enclosure Corona caught up by a drone - take a look how birds see it Relax by your pool with enclosure even in cold weather - thanks to greenhouse effect you will fell warm year round !  Bigger kids lock it - small won´t fall in - extra safe solution for your pool
Pure demonstration of our walk-on tracks for pool enclosure - as well as example how to operate with our pool eclosure Corona   Benefits of a Retractable Pool & Spa Enclosure - Part 1 Benefits of a Retractable Pool & Spa Enclosure - Part 2
Motorized roof top enclosure installed for a new beer garden at a Croxley’s Ale House in Farmingdale, NY;  Operating high line enclosure Ravena