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We here at Pool & Spa Enclosures, have a wide range of models for all of our enclosures including pool, hot tub, and patio. Thanks to the high manufacturing quality, innovations and modern design we offer more than competitors. Let´s enjoy your new enclosure made by Pool and Spa Enclosures because of ...

  • Extended your swimming season or Swim All Year!
  • Use your patio or swimming pool even in bad weather (simply slide the segment to enclose it)
  • Slide your enclosure off the pool or patio in hot days (let the pool or terrace breathe)
  • Prolonged use plus extra storage, planting or exercising space
  • Retains thermal comfort even on colder days (special design keeps the warmth within the enclosure)
  • Save on heating your pool or patio (it is one of the main features of enclosures - polycarbonate filling creates a "Greenhouse Effect")
  • Minimize heat loss through the night (pool and patio enclosure has this special feature)
  • Slide segments with ease (unique functionality of our step-on sliding rails)
  • Keep safe with additional safety features - enclosures are fully lockable (don´t worry about your pets and kids anymore)
  • A flexible alternative to traditional construction – Barrier free access
  • High clarity light transmission and protection against harmful UV radiation
  • Durable aluminum framework and polycarbonate retain their characteristics for year
  • Reduced cleaning time by keeping dirt, leaves and debris out of your enclosure



Pool, patio and spa enclosures bring you enjoyment:

Enclosure dramatically extends the swimming season from spring to autumn and the ability to swim all year

Polycarbonate warranty period of 15 years

Polycarbonate is specially designed and tested for hail conditions

UV protection reducing harmful rays of the sun

Certification from ASCE for Pool and Spa Products - this award is assigned olny to high quality products

 The enclosure sections are independently key locked separately within the track that allows the sections to glide either way on the track when unlocked. Therefore any section can be retracted left or right, the smallest within the largest and vise versa.

Dual sealing system between segments, heightened protection of your swimming pool against outside elements

We offer very attractive rounded profiles with unique sealing system

Only with a telescopic enclosure can you enjoy swimming in the outdoors on nice days by simply sliding the enclosure off the pool. Inclement weather simply close the enclosure and enjoy

No need to clean the pool as often - pool enclosures save you time and money on pool maintenance

Reduction in frequency of checking the water and dosage of chemicals, saves you time and cost on chemicals



Pool, patio and spa enclosures provide safety:

Swimming pool enclosure minimize the risk of your children or pets falling into the water

Lockable segments give you added security

We use lockable sliding doors, windows, lift up gates for your convenience

Sophisticated system of securing enclosure segments to the tracks protecting against high wind

AFNOR certificate - prestigious award

Prevention of skin cancer thanks to screening of harmful UV radiation by polycarbonate. Option of combining 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate with compact 4 mm polycarbonate

Proven safe system of flat rails – only 5/8” high, slip resistant and meant to be walked on

Improvement in the water quality and reduction in the quantity of water treatment chemicals

Maintain better water temperature in the swimming pool overnight

Easy and safe sliding of the whole enclosure. You can easily move each segment both directions (segments are not locked into each other)

Polycarbonate provides free and environmentally-friendly capturing of heat resulting from solar radiation plus retention of heat from water leading to reduction in cost of water heating and prevention of thermal loss



Reliability - one of the features you expect from your pool enclosure :

A reliable and durable way of sealing the polycarbonate panels in the aluminum structure

Certification of quality - for Europe and the whole world

Reinforced structure of sections for the front walls

Reduction in damage to the pool caused by winter weather

Warranty period up to 15 years

Comprehensive customer care, pre-sale and after-sale service



Aesthetics is a very important feature:

Elegantly designed retractable pool, spa and patio enclosures

Great news - certification 3EC - for our enclosures !

Individual custom solutions and optimum model selections for your enclosure needs

Range of colors and types of polycarbonate

Elegant hidden solution of technological joints

Clean and professional workmanship

 CE certificate for Pool and Spa Enclosures LLC.

CE certificate for Pool and Spa Enclosures LLC.