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Pool & Spa Enclosures, LLC is a member of the IPC Team. The IPC Team is one of the best recognized manufacturers of telescopic enclosures for pools and spas in the industry. High quality assembly and top quality components coupled with superior, patented designs have made the IPC Team the leading producer of swimming pool enclosures in the world.

We proudly display the below standards of certification while delivering unmatched customer satisfaction. High standard procedure of quality control, state of the art technologies, fast and reliable service is a must.

Swimming pool, hot tub and patio enclosures are made with care. We use top quality materials and our production are approved by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AFNOR certification.

Manufacturing of the enclosure


The founder of IPC Team is company Alukov a.s. - Czech firm with more than 27 years of experience.

The history of the company Alukov dates back to the last century, it was founded in 1995 with the original plan to manufacture aluminum door and window frames. In the following years, our company was adjusting to the market demands reflecting the growing economic development in the Czech Republic and it began to specialize in manufacturing telescopic swimming pool enclosures. The first series of swimming pool enclosures was created in 1995. Currently we produce 3 enclosure programs: HOME PROGRAM – patio enclosures, POOL PROGRAM – more than 30 models ranging from low to high and SPA PROGRAM – spa enclosures.

With vast financial investment and several years of developing telescopic enclosures, Alukov has proudly produced patented products. We work with reliable, tried and tested suppliers of high-quality materials, so that our products comply with the strictest criteria. The main factory is based in the Czech Republic and spreading over 325 000 Sq. Feet.

Headquarters of Alukov

Another plant was built in Slovakia and Hungary, with the area of 215 000 Sq. Feet. Thanks to the large production volume (5,000+ enclosures per year and 500 employees) we are one of the largest manufacturer of bespoke enclosures in the world. Our smart logistic system consists of a modern vehicle fleet of 30 trucks, 5 service vehicles and 20 cars. The quality of our products has been certified by experts in the area of quality control ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and by the French research institute in Paris (Laboratoire National D‘essais) since 2005. Our swimming pool enclosures comply with the safety and quality standard NF P90-309.

Alukov has established its connections in 40 countries all over the world, thereby creating the largest sales network in this field. The company has been continuously innovating its activities on the basis of customer requirements. Recently, we have opened showrooms in the Czech Republic – in Prague and Brno, in Wien and in Wels in Austria, near Bratislava in Slovakia, in German Dresden and Zurich in Swiss.