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Here is a quick chart that compares the main features and functions bethween pool enclosures from us - Pool & Spa Enclosures, LLC and AquaShield.

Feature and Function Pool & Spa Enclosures, LLC AquaShield
Better Business Bureau® A+ Rated NOT ACCREDITED
Enclosures Produced Annually 5000+ Worldwide 50+
Year Began Manufacturing 1995 (Alukov) 2000
Retractable Pool Enclosure Models 18 4
Retractable Spa Models 10 1
Retractable Sunroom Models 5 1
Sunroom Gutter System Internal gutter system with down spout outlet Not available. Recommends that you build a 10 to 12 inches wide rain cap.
Factory Install Available YES NO – will not install own enclosure
Sliding Track System Slip resistant and meant to step on in bare feet. Cannot walk on, “Pipe Rails”
Polycarbonate Options 17 6
Standard thickness of Polycarbonate used for pool enclosures 10mm 8mm
Profiles available to meet wind and snow loads 6 1
Wheels Made From Aluminum Plastic
Profile Colors Offered 6 2
Track Colors Available 3 1
Rubber seals between segments to protect from outside elements 3 1
Available snap out track to go over skimmer Yes No
Lift-up Gate available Yes No
Standard Doors Available (2) At end and lateral door (1) At end
Extreme Wind and Snow A docking system made of stainless steel A2 plates (fixed to the lower aluminum profiles of the segments) and “Docking Stop” element (fixed to the ground) provides added protection Safety Hook
Requirements in high wind and snow Lock enclosure and doors. Remove large quantities of snow from roof During high wind and snow conditions the enclosure must remain in a fully compressed position. End panels must be properly secured to the ground surface, with doors closed and locked. All sections must be locked to the track with Safe Grip Track System. Removal of excessive snow from the roof and sides of the enclosure is mandatory. For Ellipse Model structural cables must be attached during all winter months. If the above is not followed – AquaShield Inc. reserves the right to cancel our limited warranty. Limited Warranty is applicable only to the original enclosure