Pool Enclosure vs Auto Cover

Pool Enclosure vs Auto Cover
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In an upcoming comparison, the debate between pool enclosures and pool covers takes center stage as homeowners weigh the pros and cons of each option. Delving into factors such as cost, maintenance, safety, and aesthetics. 


  Twin Wall Polycarbonate Pool cover comparison
  Retractable Pool Enclosure Auto Cover
Pool Safety Fully lockable. Water cannot collect on cover. Lockable. However, water may collect on cover which can be a drowning hazard. You need to remove surface water using a pump which must be manually placed on cover after closing.
Allows year round and inclement weather swimming Yes No
Reduced Chemical Usage Yes Yes
Energy Efficiency Greenhouse affect offers high solar efficiency results in lower costs of heating and reduces evaporation. Helps regulate pool water temperature; Reduces evaporation. Requires electrical power to operate.
Ease of operation Easy to use; can be opened and closed manually. Easy to use… when working properly; requires a motor to open and close which often malfunction.
To use the pool with leaves & debris in the area Open enclosure door and swim in crystal clear water. If necessary, a leaf blower can be used to clean around the perimeter of the enclosure. You will need to regularly remove large debris from the top of the cover. Dry leaves can be removed using a leaf blower. Wet leaves should either be left to dry first or hand scooped off of the cover prior to opening. If debris is not removed from cover, the result could be damage to the cover and/or motor.
Annual Maintenance Low. No motor, pulleys, ropes etc. to inspect or replace. High. You should have the cover and system inspected and serviced by a professional once per year. They will provide a detailed inspection and look for any parts that may need tightened or replaced. Pool cover parts such as motors, pulleys and sliders will wear over time and, if not replaced, can cause your cover to run poorly or stop working
Longevity Polycarbonate warrantied for 15 years Fabric may need to be replace in 5 years or less ($7K+) PLUS motor issues.
Winter Cover Not Required. Enclosure is engineered for snow loads at the install location and can act as winter cover. Still requires winter cover for pool ($3K+)


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