Our Safety Tips for Windy Weather and Your Pool Enclosures

Our Safety Tips for Windy Weather and Your Pool Enclosures
Destroyed pool enclosure

Windy weather is no one’s favorite. It ruins hairstyles, makes your eyes water, and can even damage power lines and knock down trees!

Yuck. Not a fan. It’s totally the brussel sprouts of weather, but no amount of bacon can make it palatable. It’s that time of year where we have to suck it up and endure the winds that are blowing in the winter chill. Luckily, pool owners can rest easy if you have an Alukov pool enclosure. Our high-quality materials ensure that our enclosures are meant to stand up to the toughest conditions.




What sets us apart?

We know we aren’t the only pool enclosure company out there, but we do put a strong focus on quality and safety which we believe sets us above the rest. In particular, the way our enclosures stack up against strong winds is a defining characteristic that we’re proud of. Some of our competitors cut corners and the results can be terrifying.


Destroyed pool enclosure

One of our competitor’s enclosures after a 70mph wind storm. Don’t let this happen to you!


We use polycarbonate panels instead of glass because polycarbonate has an impact resistance 200 times stronger than glass. Combine this with our unbeatable docking system made of stainless steel plates and our “Docking Stop” element that is fixed to the ground, we’ve got you and your pool covered! This protects your enclosures against high winds!


A Few Precautions

Yes, we’re confident that our enclosures won't go anywhere in high winds, but there are a few safety tips to take note of if you’re experiencing powerful winds.

First of all, don’t hang out in your enclosure during bad winds! It’s never a good idea to test mother nature, so if you’re in the middle of a particularly windy day, cancel your swim and lock up your enclosure until the weather improves.



 Lock that door! It’s an easy way to guarantee the safety of your enclosure.

Lock that door! It’s an easy way to guarantee the safety of your enclosure.


Which leads me to my next super safe tip of the day – lock it up! Make sure all arrestments (Faces & Panels) are fully locked into their railings and all doors and windows are closed and latched.

And finally, don’t slide any of the segments during a windy day! If you forgot something in the enclosure or want to water your plants in there, wait until the weather calms down. Opening and closing the sliding panels while the air pressure is going up and down and things are flying around in the air is just not a good idea.



A few easy steps and your enclosure will be ready to weather any weather!


Follow these safety tips and you and your pool enclosure will make it through the windy Fall weather without a hitch!

Are you looking to get a pool? Our pool enclosures are custom made to fit your planned pool. Already have a pool? It’s the perfect time of year to put an enclosure on it so that you can swim all winter long! Get a free quote today!