5 Reasons Why a Pool Enclosure is a Great Investment

5 Reasons Why a Pool Enclosure is a Great Investment

As a pool owner, you know that maintaining your pool can be a lot of work and cost a pretty penny. You can protect your pool with a simply cover every night to maintain its temperature and try and keep debris out, but dirt and leaves still get in as the wind can blow your cover off.

You love your pool but all the time to maintain and money it’s costing you is exhausting. It may be time for you to consider purchasing a pool enclosure. These types of covers are great investments because:

  1. They allow you to swim year-round, 24/7 (which gives you a better bang for your buck on your pool investment and enjoyment).
  2. They save you time (and even more money in the long run). The hours upon hours you spend maintaining your pool and the area directly around it will be significantly reduced. Enclosures protect pools and patios from leaves and debris.
  3. The money savings continues, this time on heating costs. Our retractable enclosures capture heat as a result of solar radiation, making your pool water and the area around it warm and toasty.
  4. Keep children safer. A fence alone is not good enough to keep children out of your pool unattended, as children are smart and can get around them. Our enclosures help prevent drowning. They are more secure than fences and when locked, are difficult for children to break into. Learn more about How Pool Enclosures Protect Children From Danger.
  5. They protect users from harmful UV radiation. More specifically, its their polycarbonate panels that protect users skin from the UV radiation.

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