Carl Ng., Central California

Carl Ng., Central California

Bought pool enclosure Oceanic Low

"Sincerely, I am your satisfied customer!”

“I had installed your Oceanic Enclosure for 6 months now. First and foremost, I am pleased to tell you that my entire project went through cleanly and precisely as contracted. This simple statement means a lot to me since I also had the experience of remodeling my house from which I acquired my Phd in Murphy’s law.

I received the entire assembly accurately labeled and packed meticulously. The installation went smoothly because each part was precisely matched.

I am now enjoying the lap-pool in December!

The enclosure keeps the heat in so well that my water solar panels are not needed at all up to November. Since I have the “in-flow” self-cleaning system, I find this to be a “jump-in” pool with little or no cleaning.

Sincerely, I am your satisfied customer!”