Tips on how to prepare your garden for winter

Tips on how to prepare your garden for winter

If you have an enclosure from Pool & Spa Enclosures, or you are interested, you are probably someone who often spends their time in the garden. With winter approaching, you can use the last weeks of autumn to prepare everything for the coldest months.

Start by clearing out all the summer and autumn stuff. This includes chairs and toys that you only use during these seasons. You can move the furniture in the patio enclosure. Once you have cleaned up these items, you can better see how to get started.

Corso Solid

Retractable patio enclosure Corso in winter


Take a good look around during the general cleaning and check if there is anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. It is also possible that your yard has been damaged by pets that have spent the season in the yard. If anything needs repair, contact the appropriate company. Be quick because fall is a busy time and winter can come much earlier that you think. 

The next thing you can do is maintain the garden. In the spring, you probably removed a lot of weeds, applied mulch and planted flowers. In the fall, you can review these things and do seasonal maintenance to keep the garden tidy so it will be prepared for the winter. Many people prefer to maintain their garden in the spring and fall when it is not so hot and the grass has enough nutrients due to the rain. The autumn period, when temperatures are cool, is the ideal time to maintain your garden.

 Oceanic low

Oceanic Low pool enclosure in autumn


Don't forget to rake the autumn leaves as soon as they start to turn colour. you do this once a week, you won't have to put in as much work. Check any plants you have outside that are not hardy and that are unable to survive the winter without damage. Move them indoors or into the enclosure. 

Autumn and winter is also the ideal time to order an enclosure so you can enjoy it in the spring, summer and next fall. Get a free quote for an enclosure here today and turn your garden into a true paradise.

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