The Safety Benefits of Putting an Enclosure on Your Pool

The Safety Benefits of Putting an Enclosure on Your Pool
Critters in the swimming pool

While swimming pools are one of the most fun things on this planet, they do come with their potential risks. We’re not just talking about lobster-hued sunburns and swimmers’ ear. There is nothing more important than keeping your loved ones safe. We’re here to help keep your babies – human and fur-babies! – splish-splashing in safety all year long. What can one of our polycarbonate, retractable and lockable pool enclosures do for you? I’m glad you asked! Let’s talk benefits!


Closed swimming pool enclosure Viva


Lock it up!

We know that you can’t spend every second of the day and night in your gorgeous backyard pool. That’s why we’re here to lock it up when you’re away. Our enclosures come with a childproof locking system that ensures your little ones won't wander into the pool while you’re not looking. In the United States, drowning is the number one cause of death in children under the age of 5 and we lose around 5,000 pets to pool drownings each year.

Yes, those are scary facts but an enclosure is an easy way to avoid tragedy and keep your pool a place of fun and relaxation. In fact, the World Health Organization strongly recommends having a lockable barrier around any backyard pool to avoid accidents.


System NEO - locking system


Critters want to swim, too

Now that we’ve established that your cute little puppy or kitty should stay out of the pool when you’re not around, let’s talk about the not so cute animals that can get into your pool, too. Raccoons in particular have a tendency to hang around unattended backyard pools.

These little bandits can drown in the pool which leave you with a very unpleasant problem to clean up. They also leave their feces in or around pools which can contain parasites that are harmful to humans. The bottom line is – letting vermin in and around your family’s pool can lead to some nasty scenarios. Stay in control of who and what can get into your pool at all times and put an enclosure up!


Critters in the swimming pool


The not-so-little things

Pool safety doesn’t begin and end with drowning, there are other factors to consider when deciding on your pool precautions. UV protection should always be put into consideration when you and your family are spending hours and hours swimming in the sun. We’re here to help with prevention of skin cancer thanks to screening of harmful UV radiation by our polycarbonate sliding enclosures. And when the sun disappears and the storm clouds gather, we’ve also got you covered!


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Our sophisticated system of securing enclosure segments to the tracks protects against high winds that can damage your pool. Poorly constructed enclosures without these safety lock systems can actually become a hazard in high winds by shattering or blowing straight off of your pool! No one needs that. Read more: Not all pool enclosures are created equal.

Bypass these swimming pool risks before they arise with one of our reliable, secure, pool enclosures. They even come in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes, and colors! So if you are looking to buy a pool or already have one, get an enclosure quote today and keep your family swimming in safety!