Polycarbonate Differences

Polycarbonate Differences
Retractable pool enclosure Azure Compact

Shows the differences between compact and multiwall polycarbonate.

At Pool & Spa Enclosures, we offer pool enclosures with various polycarbonate fillings. You can choose either Twin Wall Polycarbonate or Compact Plycarbonate. The two types of polycarbonate have different properties and the resulting benefits. Learn the basic differences between them and decide which type of polycarbonate is best for you. If you want to clarify anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Twin Wall Polycarbonate Compact Polycarbonate
Twin Wall Polycarbonate Compact Polycarbonate
This polycarbonate is obscured so it offers some privacy. Being twin wall, there is an air pocket in the middle which translates to a 15% better thermal efficiency (Retention of heat) than compact. This polycarbonate is clear as glass. Cost more and less thermal efficiency. For people who do not want to obscure their view.
10mm & 8mm thickness available 6mm(CORSO only), 4mm, & 3mm(SPA only) thickness available
Translucent(obscured) Transparent(clear as glass)
Available in clear and smoked Available in clear and smoked
Better thermal efficiency(retention of heat) Less thermal efficiency
Less expensive More expensive
200 times stronger than glass 200 times stronger than glass


Note: Combinations of twin wall and compact are available on most models.