How to Maintain Your Enclosure Throughout the Year

How to Maintain Your Enclosure Throughout the Year
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We hope that you are already aware of all of the benefits of owning a high-quality swimming pool or patio enclosure. However, having a swimming pool or patio enclosure also requires some level of care – it must be regularly cleaned and properly maintained. Doing so ensures that the structure lasts for years and that your enclosure will function properly.

We made sure to write up some tips that you might find helpful while taking care of your very own patio or swimming pool enclosure.


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Regularly Clean Your Swimming Pool or Patio Enclosure

Cleaning your swimming pool or patio enclosure regularly keeps your enclosure not only visually appealing, but also it stops and the spread of mould, fungus, lichen, algae, and other growths that threaten the well-being of you and your family. When left untreated, such contaminants can lead to allergies, respiratory problems, and even more serious health complications. And nobody wants that! In addition, airflow is limited when algae spread and grow on pool screens. That means it could even feel a lot hotter in your pool enclosure. Even if you can’t see any screen growth, musty smells are an indication that your pool enclosure should be cleaned.

What should you keep in mind while cleaning your swimming pool or patio enclosure?

  • Power wash the entire swimming pool enclosure. You can use a combination of lukewarm and pressurized water. This should remove all the stains – dust, mould and oily substances.
  • In the case of tough stains, use a soft sponge or soft cloth to wipe the surface of both the aluminium rods and the polycarbonate sheet. But be gentle, you do not want to ruin your enclosure by scratching it!
  • Sometimes you may have to use a liquid soap (for example JOY) agent. However, you need to be cautious here. Keep in mind that you have to use the right proportion. Don’t use any chemicals that will react with either aluminium or the polycarbonate sheet. And be sure to protect your hands by wearing safety gloves and your eyes by wearing protective goggles.


Inspect Your Enclosure

By inspecting your swimming pool or patio enclosure regularly, your enclosure will always remain looking good and working well. You won’t have frequent expensive repair costs since problems will be identified early enough before they get worse. You can save yourself the trouble, time and money when you keep an eye on your enclosure. We promise you that you’ll thank yourself in a few years.


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Do Not Climb on the Enclosure!

We know how tempting the enclosure might look to kids or animals. It looks quite like the climbing frame kids see on the playground. However, you nor anybody else should ever climb on top of the enclosure. The person or animal climbing it could get hurt and the enclosure itself could get damaged. A patio or swimming pool enclosure is not designed to hold the weight of a person or animal! You should also clean the top of the enclosure in the autumn and winter months. The enclosure can easily break under the weight of fallen wet leaves and/or snow.


Take Care of the Railing

Do not forget to take care of the rails that are at the base of the swimming pool or patio enclosure. Clean the rails regularly. Remember to take out any stones, fallen leaves or basically any debris that may appear there. By not cleaning the rails, you can break the enclosure while trying to open or close it.

It is not hard to take proper care of your enclosure, so be sure to do so in order to save a lot of money and troubles in the future. Trust us, it is not worth neglecting to take care of your enclosure. Also, your enclosure will look much much nicer and more appealing when you take care of it. You will always be delighted to invite your friends for a swim in your swimming pool or to dinner in your patio enclosure.

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