How to Enclose My Pool?

How to Enclose My Pool?
Combined pool enclosure

Are you interested in purchasing a pool enclosure but aren’t sure how to begin the process? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Our pool enclosures allow you to extend your swimming season all year (you will need to heat the water in the off season), as they help regulate the water temperature and allow you to use the pool come rain or shine. We offer enclosures that come with sliding doors so that you can get into your enclosure easily. You can also retract the enclosure on warm days to enjoy the sun or simply close the segments on rainy days to continue to enjoy your pool. Are you curious about how to enclose your pool?

The first step is to request a free quote from our website. In order to request a quote, all you have to do is tell us your name and address and let us know about any questions you have about the enclosure. If you have the exact measurements of your pool or patio space you can also fill out a detailed form letting us know more specific information so that the process is faster.


Swimming pool enclosure Corona


Once you have requested a quote, you can choose which enclosure model will be the perfect addition to your yard. We offer low line, middle line, and high line designs to cover your pool. The options are endless!

Our low line enclosures just cover the pool but are not tall enough for you to walk underneath them. These are perfect for customers who are interested in an enclosure but do not want to block the view in their yard. You can easily slide the enclosure open so that your pool is ready to use! Our middle line enclosures are of medium height and are typically not tall enough to block the view of your yard. These enclosures allow you to swim in your pool while it is covered, but just like our low enclosures, they come with a simple sliding system that allows you to easily access your pool. Our high enclosures are large enough for you to walk around under and they create a wonderful leisure space which is great for entertaining guests. We offer almost 10 different high enclosure models so that you have multiple options to choose from. Just like our other enclosures, you can easily slide the segments open to enjoy a warm summer day or keep them closed when the weather is dreary.


Swimming pool enclosure Oceanic High in winter


Once you have decided what enclosure you would like and made your purchase, we have a team of professionals that can install it for you. The enclosures can be assembled easily and are ready for use once the installation process is complete. You will be ready to swim under your enclosure in no time!


If you’re adding a pool to your yard or already have one, get an enclosure quote today!