How to Create Your Own Personal Paradise with a Retractable Enclosure

How to Create Your Own Personal Paradise with a Retractable Enclosure

A well-designed patio, pool, or spa retractable enclosure paves the way for you to create your own personal paradise – a place you can visit to kick back and relax, and even strengthen your relationships.

Many of our customers are creating their own nirvana right in their backyards with an enclosure. It’s not hard to do – getting started just requires a little imagination. Here are some ideas.


Bring the outdoors, indoors

An enclosure will provide you with all the sights of the great outdoors, but you could actually bring some of it indoors by greening the space. Decorate the space under the enclosure with plants and flowers.


Decoration of the space under the enclosure with plants and flowers

If you’re going to use sunflowers as this one customer did with one plant, make sure your enclosure gets plenty of sun, as sunflowers need full sun to grow.


Enjoy either indoor or outdoor entertainment all year round

The owner of this retractable patio enclosure created an extension to their living space. With the help of this elegantly designed retractable enclosure, they can enjoy either indoor or outdoor entertainment all year round.


Comfortable seating is a key

Furnish your space with sofas and chairs that you could just sit in for hours because they are that comfortable.


Create an intimate space

Adding curtains, such as one customer did (as shown below) under their retractable enclosure, makes a space more intimate as it creates privacy. You could even add some candles or a portable fireplace.


Create an intimate space with enclosure

We love the earthy vibe of this design. The customer really used their personality to liven up the space.


Enclosure, an outside view of the curtains

An outside view of the curtains.


Give the space personality

Incorporate some of your inner self into your space by bringing in things that make you happy. Perhaps a vintage mirror antiques, or a mini waterfall would do the trick. Putting your personal touches, will give the space that special ambiance. When a space is decorated to your liking, you’ll be able to enjoy it more.


Make it fun

Add a slide, volleyball net, basketball net, or rafts for your pool. You could even add golf and table tennis, if you don’t have a pool.


After you’ve designed your space, make sure you head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment with a photo. We want to see all the creative space you’ve designed!