Concrete and Bonding Recommendations

Concrete and Bonding Recommendations
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Planning to install a pool enclosure? Ensuring the right foundation and safety measures are crucial for a long-lasting and secure structure. This article delves into the specific concrete recommendations for thickness, strength, and levelness to support your pool enclosure effectively. Whether you're installing standard or grande tracks, understand the importance of using reinforcing materials like "chicken wire," fiber mesh, or rebar to enhance the concrete's structure. Additionally, learn about the precise bonding recommendations required to safely integrate the enclosure's aluminum components. Get ready to arm yourself with professional insights to make your pool enclosure installation a resounding success.


Concrete Recommendations

Thickness and strength:

  • Under the tracks should be concrete, min 4” thick and 3500psi. Recommend using “chicken wire” or fiber mesh in the concrete for added structure.
  • For larger enclosures with Grande tracks, recommend min 6” thick and 4000psi. Recommend “chicken wire”, fiber mesh or rebar. If using rebar, ensure it is set below the anchor depth(at least 3.5”). Piers may be used if needed for added structure.

Flatness and Level:

  • The pitch away from the pool on the sides should be no more than ½” over 4’ . Then on the ends the pitch to be no more than 1” over 10’.
  • Make as flat and level as possible.
  • If you are doing stamped concrete, please do not stamp under where the tracks will go.


  • On the sides parallel to tracks, there should be a minimum of 3” of concrete past the outside width of the track.
  • On the ends, allow a minimum of 6” of concrete past the end of the track. This is not necessary if you are going to “Oversize” the deck past the enclosure outside width and length dimensions.
  • The concrete deck should be parallel and square, so please make sure you run cross diagonals.


Bonding Recommendations (if required)

The track, wheels, and frames are all aluminum, so bond one spot on the track and the enclosure is bonded. However, some towns or jurisdictions may request that both tracks are bonded.

Bonding can be done anywhere on the track as long as its out of the enclosure segment travel path. The end of the track is typically the easiest place to work from.

If there is new concrete being poured, you can leave the bonding wire through the concrete anywhere under where the tracks will lay. You can then drill a hole through the bottom of the track and secure the bonding wire to the track.


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