Benefits of Enclosures in Spring

Benefits of Enclosures in Spring
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Did you get a beautiful, spacious swimming pool but you are sad that you can only swim in it a few months a year? Did you design a beautiful porch in front of your home which is a perfect place for you to read, chill and relax but as soon as it gets cold you need to move inside?

But why should you be limited by the weather outside? Get a sunroom, patio or swimming pool enclosure and get the most use out of your home all year round! What are the benefits of having a swimming pool or sunroom/patio enclosure (not only) in spring?


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You can use the space all year round!

Why have a space in your home that you are barely ever using? By getting an enclosure you will provide yourself with a space that you can use any time, no matter what the weather looks like outside. Enclose your swimming pool and you can practice your favorite exercise (yes, we mean swimming, of course!) whenever you want! Plus you get a nice place where to relax and you save yourself the trouble of making your swimming pool ready for winter (no one enjoys the process of getting the water out and cleaning the pool, right?). With your sunrooms or patio enclosure you will get a place that feels like the outside which you can enjoy even in the winter. And what is better than feeling the sunshine in the middle fall or winter - like a “greenhouse”?


Bad weather? Who cares?

This point kind of ties up with the first one, but even if it is summer, sometimes it may get pretty cloudy and rainy. With an enclosure, you will never be limited by the weather conditions. And maybe you will even be surprised how relaxing it is to swim or read “outside” when it is raining!


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Safety comes first

Having an enclosure, especially swimming pool enclosure, also means being safe. The swimming pool enclosure helps prevent kids and animals from using the pool without your knowledge or even falling into it when you are not around. And trust us, that can save a lot of innocent lives! It also prevents debris from falling into your pool (such as leaves in the fall) and therefore saves you a lot of time and trouble of cleaning it afterward. And we are sure you can find many better ways to spend your free time than cleaning your pool, aren’t we right?


Save your money!

By having a swimming pool enclosure, you can keep the water in your pool much warmer even if you do not use any heating. Polycarbonate creates a “GreenHouse Effect” warming up inside the enclosure. By enclosing the space you help prevent heat from escaping and you can save a lot of money on that. But even if you do have swimming pool heating, you can use it much less with an enclosed pool and also save a ton of money. With a sunroom or patio enclosures, you will also get the best use of your heating if you do not let the warmth escape (for example by closing the doors or not opening the windows).  Anytime you have a large body of water you are going to have evaporation especially when there is a big temperature difference between the pool water and the outside air temperature. Please keep in mind that 90% of your heat loss is from evaporation. So anytime you see steam coming from your pool, you are not only losing water but also energy. With the pool enclosure through the polycarbonate you will create a "Greenhouse Effect" not only will you keep more of a constant temperature over your pool to reduce evaporation but you will also warm the water.


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Save yourself the trouble of moving furniture

If you use your swimming pool enclosure also as a relaxing place (where you have deck chairs and so on) you know how convenient it is keeping all the furniture in your enclosure all year round. First, you do not have to move them all the time and second, you do not have to have a place to store them! So you do not need to take up space in your garage, they just stay right there, in your enclosure! And the same goes for sunroom or patio enclosure – if you had a porch, you would need to put away the furniture for the fall and winter. But with a sunroom or patio enclosure you not only do not have to put it away but you can also use it all the time. And that sounds like a win-win situation for us, does it not?! And as a plus – it also protects your furniture. By having it in an enclosed space, you prevent the outside elements (rain, snow…) from damaging your furniture.


Enclosures are a great investment

Any of our sunroom, patio or swimming pool enclosures products will increase the value of your home and add extra livable space for your family. That means that it will add value to your property in case you ever decide to sell or rent it. But it also saves you a lot of money in the long term so either way – it definitely is a great investment.


Value your privacy

Sometimes we just want to chill and chat with our friends without being listened to by our neighbors. Or we want to throw a party, blast the music but do not want an unwanted visit from the cops that were called by our neighbors. Or we just want to go skinny dipping in the middle of the day without being observed by an unwanted pair of eyes. Enclosure adds a nice element of privacy, exactly when you need it. It helps you enjoy your free time with your loved ones and spend it just with them without being disturbed (or disturbing, in case of the loud music) by anyone else.


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Having an enclosure just has so many benefits – you can protect your kids and animals, you save money, you add value to your property… Check more on our website!