Advantages of Custom Made Enclosures

Advantages of Custom Made Enclosures
Atypical enclosure

Every house, patio and pool will usually have a similar size and shape that would be ideal for a high-quality enclosure.

However, not all will fit the standard requirements for a typical enclosure. Some pools may have irregular dimensions or may be positioned in a way that doesn’t allow room that a common enclosure needs. Whether it be a wall or a rounded pool edge, these characteristics can be a barrier for construction.


Patio with atypically made enclosure


Fortunately, our enclosures can be made to fit almost any type of irregular roof, pool or patio situation. A slanted roof can be measured in order to manufacture the perfect enclosure that will fit it’s specific dimensions. A patio surrounded by walls might require an enclosure that bridges each wall together. Perhaps an enclosure is needed only for a roof. No matter the situation, an enclosure can be made to fit most specific needs.


Swimming pool with atypical pool enclosure


All of our atypical designs are manufactured with the same aluminum framework and polycarbonate; made to accommodate any specialized pool or patio situation. An atypical enclosure works just as great as a typical one and maintains all of the advantages as well. Don’t allow the shape or size of your roof, patio or pool prevent you from experiencing the overwhelming benefits of a custom enclosure.

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Atypical pool enclosure