Enclosure in a new perspective

Enclosure in a new perspective
Aerial shot of a pool enclosure

Fascinating aerial shots have interested people since the ancient times. Have you ever looked at your property from a bird's eye view? Many owners don't  even recognise it at first. A view from above opens a totally new perspecive and can help considerably when planning where to build a swimming pool with enclosure or a patio. In short, a bird's eye view gives you a perfect idea of what you can afford to build there.

Take a look on our enclosures designs from around the world. You can see shots of pool enclosures, hot tub enclosures or patio enclosures that are located in very interesting places and in truly unique natural scenery or near historical monuments. For example, in Florida or in Czech Republic at the SEČ dam. But there are also real videos from other equally interesting places in Europe, but also from exotic destinations.

Check it out for yourself at alukov-worldwide.


We also look at our enclosures from a new perspective in our Research and Development Centre, where we invent, test and also improve and refine enclosures for you. Looking at our enclosures that have been in operation for decades with a new perspective is inspiring for us and allows our designers to meet your current requirements and demands for new features and details.